Kaka Nunatak_Kakapo Nunatak_Kea Nunatak_Ruru Crests_Takahe Nunatak_Mumu Nunatak_Parawera_ Ponui Nunatak_Tarakaka_Pakaru_Te Puna Roimata



It may have been about our year 750 that the astonishing Hui-Te-Rangiora, in his canoe Te Iwi-o-Atea, sailed from Rarotonga on a voyage of wonders in that direction (South): he saw the bare white rocks that towered into the sky from out the monstruous seas, the long tresses of the woman that dwelt therein, which waved about under the waters and on their surface, the frozen sea covered with pia or arrowroot, the deceitful animal that dived to great depths – a “foggy, misty dark plac not shone on by the sun”. Icebergs, the fifty foot long leaves of bull-kelp, the walrus or sea elephant, the snowy ice fields of a clime very different from Hui-Te-Rangiora’s own warm islands – all these he had seen”

(J.C. Beaglehole, the Discovery of New Zealand, (1939) 



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